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My family and I enjoy travelling. Picking new, interesting, unique destinations; all the planning and logistics of arranging the travel; getting equipped for the travel; packing; taking the taxi to the airport; sitting in the airport cafés waiting to board; watching movies and eating on the flights; finally reaching and exploring our destination; reliving the memories through photographs – it’s all part of what makes travel so much fun.

Our last name is Harolikar and we love exploring so that’s how Explorikars came to be. Credit for the name goes to my wife.

Not only do I love travelling, I also love to share my travel experiences – via social media posts and one-on-one with friends. When a friend reaches out to me for info about a particular destination, I typically compose a long email with all relevant info so that I can share it with anyone else who asks. Sometimes, I have gone back and read the email after many months/years and it brings back fond memories.

This site is an attempt at more efficient sharing and reliving. it is also meant to serve as a guide to someone planning a visit to the featured destinations. I do hope that this will make me write about our destinations sooner while the memory is still fresh.

Thanks for coming to my site. I would love to hear from you – questions, suggestions, feedback, criticism – everything is welcome, via the Contact Us page.